Mecer MKSII 5kW / Pylontech US3000B PLUS 3,5kWh


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Mecer MKSII 5kW / Pylontech US3000B PLUS 3,5kWh
Storage Systems – Offgrid Packages
This part is a special offer made up of the following items:
1 x Mecer 5kW-48V Off-Grid inverter II
6 x JA Solar 330W Poly 5BB PV Panels
1 x Pylon US3000 3,5kWh Li-Ion Battery (excl. brackets)
1 x bracket set – pylon US3000
1 x Fuse-switch-disconnector KETO size 00 body (battery isolator)
1 x Single String DC Switch Disconnector 25A 450V – 11A 920V
1 x Cable Pack for US2000B / US3000 / Phantom-S Batteries
2 x NH Fuse-link 160A for KETO-00
4mm solar Cable 25m – Red
4mm solar Cable 25m – Black
1 x Roof Panels mounting Kit
Domestic scale off-grid storage system.
The 5kW rated power of the Mecer MKSII, when matched with one economic Pylon module of 3,5kWh each, delivers up
to 1,75kW of continuous discharge power,
That’s perfect for supplying some of the higher powered electrical loads in the evening.
Lithium ion batteries have the advantage over traditional lead acid in that they can be cycled much more and can
be discharged deeper (80% DOD) while maintining a decent battery life.
The Pylontech batteries in this kit are one of the best sellling lithiun ion batteries in South Africa, and if you
register your purchase with Pylontech, you get a 10 year manufacturers warranty for no additional charge.
The enhanced maximum string voltage possible with the Mark II version provides various benefits to the installation:
Fewer DC strings means a lower cost DC combiner box can be used. The previous version of the MKS would require a 6
input DC box. This represents 13% of equipment cost savings.
Reducing the DC string quantity from 5 or 6 to 2 means far fewer DC connectors are required. This reduces the install
time and the potential for wiring issues.
Having fewer strings means less DC cable is required and fewer bulky conduit runs.
There’s also a robust Keto-0 fused battery disconnector switch for safe and complete isolation, if necessary.
The Panels give up to 1,98KW per Hour in peak time and 225,9V that will
charge your batteries at the same time. The batteries has 2,8KW per hour of
backup power (This means that if you for instance use 450W constantly
through the night you wil have round about 6 hours of power , before the
inverter will bypass to Eskom to take over the load and charge your batteries,
as soon as the batteries reaches its prefferd voltage the system will kick back
to the solar system and will again power you appliances this will repeat until
the sun comes up and takes over. The Inverters can handle 5Kw of peak

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